Egabee is the ultimate Web3 developer platform.

Effortlessly build, test, monitor, and scale your app chains and smart contracts, from initial concept to worldwide deployment.

Our Mission: What We Aim to Achieve?

We gather comprehensive data from blockchains down to the smallest detail using our indexers. By making blockchain data easily accessible, we accelerate market evolution. Instead of developers spending hours navigating and building on incorrect data flows, our platform helps them quickly identify and address issues, allowing for faster development and innovation.

At Egabee we're dedicated to simplifying web3 data, empowering you to make informed decisions effortlessly. Egabee demystifies blockchains to you and helps you take the right actions with ease. we build with a focus on developer experience we create solutions for real problems that face developers to make it easier to create and we achieve this by making this feature available :

Blockchain Analytics: Stay Informed with Comprehensive Analytics

  • Easily explore and manage your blockchain network with our powerful toolkit.

  • Get real-time insights into your smart contracts, tokens, NFTs, and wallets.

  • We make it simple to gather and organize data using our blockchain indexers, saving you time on complex setups.

Blockchain Monitoring: Get Real-time Insights

  • Egabee gives you up-to-the-minute insights into blockchain networks, smart contracts, tokens, NFTs, and wallets.

  • Stay informed about user activity and business performance with easy-to-understand analytics.

Tailored Metrics and Insights

  • Get insights and metrics for what you want to follow in the blockchain.

  • your insights will be real-time

  • tailored and easy to use

Instant Alerts: Stay Ahead with Instant Alerts and Notifications

  • Get alerts right away with Egabee.

  • We constantly monitor the blockchain in real-time.

  • Always know what's happening with your blockchain network, smart contracts, tokens, and NFTs.

  • Create alerts that matter to you, and we'll send them straight to you.

  • Never miss important updates.

Custom Explorer: Navigate Through Data Seamlessly with a Custom Explorer

  • Use our easy-to-use APIs to create your explorer.

  • Access all the transaction data you need for your smart contracts, tokens, NFTs, or wallets without coding.

  • Easily find historical transactions for specific assets or NFTs.

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